Terms & Conditions


It is a violation of the law to make purchases under a false name or with an invalid credit card. We strongly advise you not make false purchases, as it will put you at substantial personal legal risk. Fraudulent purchases will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Please be aware that even if you do not give us your real name, your Web browser transmits a unique address to us, which can be used by law enforcement officials to identify you. Both the FBI and the US Secret Service are responsible for investigating all Internet fraud cases.

About Drunk Chicken Cigars Products

All cigars on Drunk Chicken Cigars are brand new and in perfect condition, fresh from the manufacturer. All cigar products are stored in a controlled environment under optimum humidity and temperature conditions until shipped. We recommend storing and protecting your cigar purchases in a humidified environment upon receipt of products. Drunk Chicken Cigars cannot be held responsible for cigars that are not treated properly by customers. Please contact Drunk Chicken Cigars if you have any questions about the proper care of fine cigars. All merchandise and non-cigar products are new, unless otherwise stated. If you have questions, please check with Drunk Chicken Cigars prior to placing an order. Drunk Chicken Cigars disclaims all other warranties or conditions, whether express or implied, including, without limitation, implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose.

Customer Service

Drunk Chicken Cigars offers a complete range of customer services for customers. Should you have any questions – from tracking a package, to resolving a quality problem – contact Customer Service.  We commit to respond to your request in a prompt manner (often within one business day). If we have committed an error, we’re determined to fix it

Credit Card Declined

If your credit card is declined, Drunk Chicken Cigars will notify you by phone or email within 48 hours of your order. As a courtesy you order may be held up to one week, however there may be times when a declined order is immediately canceled and your products are restocked for the next customer.

$20 cancellation fee will be imposed if your credit card is not resolved in one week’s time.